National SEO & Search Engine Optimization

National Search Engine Optimization

Whether you are already familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or not it is a great way to expand your company. If you are wondering if National SEO is what your company needs then you have come to the right place. In this article we will explain who would benefit from National SEO, why it is important for them to implement it and how exactly it works.

Although Local SEO and National SEO┬┤s approach is much the same there is a bit of difference in what they focus on. National SEO is more focused on the ranking for broad keys and less on the more specific geographic locations of ranking. National SEO is not only much more competitive but also the amount of businesses is much larger at a national and global level more specifically if it involves broad keywords.

A National SEO requires a lot more effort then a local one and that is why the cost of National SEO is higher. But by using National SEO you will be able to reach out not only nationally but internationally which will help you grow your customer base which will bring about a large and positive ROI.

Thanks to the internet, faster forms of transport as well as technologically advances that are being made daily brings the world closer on a daily basis. International operations are not only privy to large corporations but also available for small to medium sized companies. The companies that have really thrived due to the world becoming more and more tech driven are the E-commerce businesses.

If the business you own and are looking to broaden as far as client base is an E- commerce business then National SEO is just right for you. Around ninety three percent of all online encounters begins with the actual search engine it is a crucial ,marketing strategy for businesses who thrive off of online sales in order to have higher ranking with the relevant keywords.

Thanks to the revolution the internet brought there is a more competitive landscape for current companies and how they can get a leg up on their competition. There was a time when more classic forms of advertising such as ads in the newspaper, radio or TV worked just fine, but not anymore, if a company wants to be seen they they have to have the best search optimization on their website for a query search.

SEO is not a short term investment and it makes all the difference for a company in comparison to their competitors. In this modern day and age where everything is tech driven it is important for businesses to invest in their online presence, that is the only way you will bring in more clients.

Another thing other than optimization that plays into how distinguished your website is is link building. By having a sturdy set of properly functioning back links search engines will know that your sight is and authority in that area, on that can be trusted. We are also able to track a sales back to its origin, this makes it easier for a business to focus their marketing efforts where the money is at.
After the information on your business is gathered we perform a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis for your local online presence, this is done not only on your website but off as well. We then send you a report of our results on where your website stands against your competitors as far as traffic, keyword rankings and architectural problems are concerned.

Once we have determined what is the best marketing strategy for you we turn our focus towards the optimization of the content, architecture and inbound links of your website. We then create and rank check a comprehensive list of keywords for each local area you service.

Google is always on the lookout for new website content so if not attended to the natural end result of a website is a decline in its rankings. SEO is not a one time thing, it is a consistent effort to keep your high standing place online, therefore the initial optimization phase is just the beginning. We then begin our link building of what is industry specific which will bring about powerful and long term results.

During the entire time we will be consistently monitoring the key metrics of your website and thus maintain a view, we of course will send you reports on this as well.

Each online company is unique in its competitive standpoint online therefore what works for one won’t work for the other. Optimization is custom handles to provide the specific keywords your company needs. Prices vary from client to client and are based on the following points.
Is your campaign national or international?
Will you require PPC services?
Will conversion consulting be necessary?
How competitive is the keyword market in question?
And other individual factors but we will always provide Search Engine Optimization at an honest and fair price based on what services are provided.

Tom Johnston specializes in national franchise SEO.